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          We're the Vancouver School Board's online school.

          Since 1990, we've provided a comprehensive, flexible and engaging edution program that provides an alternative to traditional in-person learning for many different profiles of students.

          Important Updates:
          Posted on03.09.2021

          Dear VLN school community,

          Everyone at VLN is excited about the new school year.
          The health, safety and well-being of students and staff continues to be a top priority. The
          Vancouver School District’s plan will provide for a safe, healthy and supportive learning
          environment. A variety of COVID-19 health and safety protocols and procedures, as advised by
          health officials, will be in place again this year to help keep everyone safe.
          VLN students must adhere to these protocols when coming to write exams at VLN, or at any
          other time that they need to come to the VLN offices.

          Full Announcement

          Posted on06.04.2021

          The VLN office is closed to the public beuse of the pandemic. The exceptions are exam taking, which we conduct on site according to a strict COVID-19 Safety Plan and to pick up or return learning resources. In certain ses, parents and guardians n make an appointment to see VLN staff. However, to minimize density in our office space we ask that just the one child with one parent attend these pre-arranged meetings. Thank you.

          Posted on03.09.2020

          For information about our Elementary Program, please go to elementary info.

          Already know what you're looking for?

          Did you know?

          We offer over 90 VSB classes online

          All courses are Dogwood Accredited by the BC Ministry of Edution.

          VSB Certified Teachers

          All of our teachers are certified employees of the Vancouver School Board.

          Free for BC Students

          All of our courses are free for school-aged residents of British Columbia.

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